Diagnosis in Child Neuropsychiatry is a difficult process that is subject to many factors: the time, the changing of social reality, the institution responsibilities, sometimes very fragile, along the children’s way.


My national and international experience of over thirty years allows me an overview of this fragility that unfortunately families, children and young adolescents may face over time.

We need clear speeches that, without cheating with unnecessary  big words, make evident the reality of disability in all its facets and that shows, without any fear, the hard way that a family faces in dealing with a difficult situation. What about my son, will he talk again?


Will he walk?

 Will he be autonomous?

Here you are some questions to which we must give concrete answers with clear answers.

To do this, you need specialists with a lot of experience and knowledge. Years of work experiences with children around the world, allow me to be able to give concrete answers and where it is not possible to intervene, we can give you further details about National and International Specialist Centres.

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  • AIAS Rehabilitation Centre, 19, Marziale St - Sorrento (Na).

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Dr.Albino Gargiulo, mobile 338.270.11.47

  • Rehabilitation Centre, Contrada Abruzzese, Melfi (Pz).

For appointments:  

Dr. Francesca Verrastro, mobile. 0972.64.21.11